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We usually don’t like any ears listening to the music until we’ve at least polished it a little, but this tune is timely, a decent practice version and written for a tiki legend, who has become a good friend, Beachbum Berry.

pablus dreamed up one possibility for just how Da Bum might have made his way to the incredible Latitude 29. It was total global domination and circumnavigation! He’s kind of our hero.

Latitude 29: The Journey of Beachbum Berry

by The Crazed Mugs

These stories were read to try to inspire the carvers of Tiki Central. They are from a paperback book pablus found on Kauai in 2004 which he has since given away and forgotten the title. 

We hesitated to put this song for listening because it’s just a practice recording of pablus and rusty key playing “Nani Hanalei”, but they worked together so nicely at this rehearsal we include here for the sheer aloha of it. Enjoy.